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The podcast industry is in a particular moment of creative and innovative renaissance, from content creation by publishers and hosts, to listener discovery. And while podcasts have been around for.. The podcasting industry is going to witness portability, compactness, and consolidation across the board (and this has already started). From portable studios to portable equipment, from compact setups to turnkey production, the industry will witness newer solutions. Some examples of this are already visible today The global podcasting market size was valued at USD 9.28 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.5% from 2020 to 2027. Podcasts are a series of spoken word audio files that can be downloaded via the internet on playback devices

Podcast Industry Statistics As of 2020, podcasts have officially entered the main stream. Below are at look at some podcast statistics that reflect the growth and health of the industry overall: 197 million Americans are familiar with podcasting in 2020 Podcasting-hosting providers can see when their customers' podcasts are added, removed, or reactivated. Podcast-publishing tools can show the popularity of podcast categories so podcasters can choose the best place for their shows. Industry analysts can build their own dashboards for tracking the stats that matter most to them The podcast industry is growing fast; the industry generated an estimated $479.1 million in revenue in 2018 and is expected to produce more than $1 billion by 2021, according to a new report from.. 2019 was a breakout year for the podcast industry, with TechCrunch reporting a 27% surge in podcast creation from the year before, bringing the total to 29 million podcast episodes, across 700,000 podcasts Podcasting's capacity as a vector for misinformation is intimately tied to its historical nature as an open ecosystem where the barriers to publishing are low and anybody can theoretically reach.

24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly - up from 22% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20) 16 million people in the US are avid podcast fans (Nielsen Q1 2018) 51% of podcast listeners are male - same as US population (Infinite Dial 20) 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K - vs 35% for the total populatio Podtrac currently publishes two, free, monthly Podcast Industry Rankings: the Top 20 Podcasts. the Top 20 Podcast Publishers. And new for 2020, Top Podcasts by Category - available for purchase. We've also made available a year-end ranking for 2020: the Top New Podcasts of 2020. Our Rankings use proprietary and consistent measurement methodology to. Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S. and there were an estimated 88 million podcast listeners in the country in 2019. Forecasts suggest that the the number of podcast listeners.. Podcast Industry Insights and Podcast Industry Insider are trademarks of D.Joseph Design LLC. This site displays other brand names and logos, which are the trademarks of their respective owners Join print industry leaders and Quocirca's director, Louella Fernandes, as we will lift the lid on the key trends impacting the industry. Our 'In the Spotlight' podcast series will discuss how industry players must adapt to address the convergence of print and digital technologies in the hybrid workplace

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  1. In unserem Podcast geht es um verschiedene Software- und Digitalisierungsthemen mit Relevanz für den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. Die Trendthemen beleuchten Chancen und Risiken für den Maschinenbau und zeigen die Herausforderungen für die Branche auf. Dazu sprechen wir mit Experten aus den Mitgliedsunternehmen des VDMA
  2. 20 Podcast Predictions for 2020 from Top Industry Leaders. Every year, Pacific Content asks the best and brightest in the podcast industry for their predictions about the year ahead. According to the experts, 2020 will be explosive, combative, experimental, better measured than ever before and anything but boring. 1
  3. The podcast industry consolidation isn't necessarily a good or bad thing, but it's worth weighing the pros and cons of new acquisition and pondering what this means for the future. We have a unique outlook on this, as a hosting company, we provide advice on what podcasters should do in case their podcast host gets bought
  4. The trend seems to cross all industries: Both B2B and B2C companies produce podcasts, with retail, health care, energy, telecom, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, and technology all represented. However, within any particular industry, companies' podcasting efforts vary widely

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Podcasting is a booming and ever-changing industry. Stay ahead of the curve by joining our newsletter and get the exclusive on industry news, podcasting tips, and product updates. By submitting this form, you agree to receive information about relevant content, products and services. You can cancel your subscription at any time Toronto, Ohio, United States About Podcast The Digital Grocer is a show dedicated to discussing digital commerce issues, insights, and tips for grocery retailers hosted by Sylvain Perrier. Frequency 1 episode / month, Average Episode Length 11 min Since May 2018 Podcast mercatus.com/blog/resources/.

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  1. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:51 — 68.6MB) | Embed Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Email | RSS | More Mark, William and Amber take an eventful trip to Upstate University in Invincible Episode 6 You Look Kinda Dead. We chat all about it in our latest spoiler filled episode of the Invincible Podcast from TV Podcast Industries
  2. This podcast boasts an eclectic mix of industry trends, inspiring stories, and practical advice for self-motivated sales professionals. Speaker, consultant and podcast host Donald Kelly interviews experts in the fields of business, sales, and marketing who share timely advice and surprising stories
  3. Welcome to the podcast 'Advancing Sustainable Solutions', produced by the IIIEE at Lund University. Skip to The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) Lund University P.O, Box 196, 221 00 Lund, Sweden. Visiting address: Tegnérsplatsen 4, Lund
  4. This official EU Industry Days podcast series lays out the opportunities arising from the post-COVID reality and industrial transformation. By inviting industry insiders, we give you a unique opportunity to understand the latest economic and technological trends, challenges but mostly opportunities for European companies

The podcast industry has become mainstream. The amount of content is growing; big media companies are getting more active and A-list talent have been creating more podcasts. As a result, ad. Augmented is a podcast for industrial leaders, process engineers and shop floor operators hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim, presented by Tulip.co, the frontline operations platform, and associated with MFG.works, the open learning community launched at the World Economic Forum Industry Insights - The EFM Podcast is about and for the entertainment industry. The podcast features long episodes as a year-round series, with short episodes to be aired only during the five-day virtual event of the EFM 2021. As the first international film market of the year, the European Film Market is where the film industry starts its business of the year A podcast generator maintains a central list of the files on a server as a web feed that one can access through the Internet.The listener or viewer uses special client application software on a computer or media player, known as a podcatcher, which accesses this web feed, checks it for updates, and downloads any new files in the series.This process can be automated to download new files. Welcome to our Podcasts & Online Events channel where we'll bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from fashion's most influential business leaders on demand. Listen, watch and be inspired anytime

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Dan Gordon (PCO Bookkeepers) and Donnie Shelton (Coalmarch) will be sharing industry news and hosting other industry leaders to tell their stories and share expertise. Topics in this podcast will focus on maximizing revenue and growth for your pest control business Bagge & Brobacke Podcast. Näringsliv. 67 P3 Dystopia. Nyheter. 68 Värsta Morden. Verkliga brott. 69 Uggla & Ugglas podcast. Komedi & humor. 70 Dagens story. Dagliga nyheter. 71 Dokumentära Berättelser. Samhälle & kultur. 72 David Batras Podcast. Komedi & humor. 73. Industry experts are already noting significant new demand for female-hosted podcasts, as well as audio dramas that appeal to young people looking for a fast-paced, suspenseful story

The Podcast Academy will also bestow its first Governors Award on Marc Maron, whose WTF interview show dates back to 2009 when the industry was in its infancy. It has since racked up more than. Podcast Publisher: An entity or individual which owns, creates and publishes podcasts. Ranking data only includes publishers that participate in Podtrac measurement for the full month for which the ranking is being released Here are the 10 best podcast topics frequently chosen by podcasters and listeners alike. Subscribe! Start Your Podcast Today. Professional sports like American football, basketball, and racing are multi-million dollar industries, so they were bound to break into podcasting The current Chinese podcasting market is more like the situation of the U.S. podcasting market before the emergence of Serial: Podcast fans existed, but the industry failed to either attract widespread public attention or have the market notice its potential commercial value

Industry Insights by SAP. A Podcast Series by SAP. A podcast that explores how industries are being impacted by experience-led digital disruption. Whether you are in Oil and Gas or Retail or High Tech or any other industry, new business models are emerging,. Welcome to the episode library of The Toy Coach Podcast: Making It in The Toy Industry, the toy-spirational podcast for aspiring toy inventors and entrepreneurs. I hope you discover just what you need to take your next steps toward making your toy dreams come true Welcome to We talk IoT, a regular series of podcasts from the editors of Smart Industry - the IoT Business Magazine.Our podcast keeps you up to date on the most important developments in the world of IoT, IIoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

Podcast industry in India: Opportunities for 2020. Guest Author. Jan 3, 2020, 15:21 IST. Amit Doshi, Founder & CEO, IVM Podcasts expects to see many more brands to start seriously investing in. In 2019, the podcast industry ad revenue is estimated to hit over $500 million dollars, having doubled each year for the past few years. However, overall industry revenue is still tiny compared to that of other content mediums. In particular,. Podcasting continues to thrive. According to Nielsen Scarborough data, at a 20% rate of growth, the audience for podcasting could double by 2023, and the IAB projects that U.S. podcast advertising revenues will surpass $1 billion by 2021.. Given the growth and ad opportunities in the podcast space, Arica McKinnon, VP of Client Consulting, discussed how podcast ads drive brand impact during. Listen to The Music Industry Podcast on Spotify. The Music Industry Podcast discusses all things relevant to this modern music industry and what artists can be doing to market their music to the masses. Presented by Burstimo's Maddy and Alex, The Music Industry Podcast delves into all areas from Spotify to live events, merchandise to social media, branding to music promotion

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Actor and industry podcasts for career advice. Whether you're listening at the gym or on the way to auditions, podcasts are a wonderful way to learn about your craft and be inspired on the go Move over Oscar and Tony. The Ambies have arrived. The newly formed Podcast Academy this weekend hands out its first awards, the Ambies, for the best in a booming industry that has room for everyone from Prince Harry and Kim Kardashian to a student with a smartphone. Some 56% of Americans over the age of 12, or 162 million people, have listened to a podcast at least once, according to the 2021. As podcasts have become more popular across topics and categories, the training industry has developed many great podcasts on a variety of learning and development topics. Training Industry, which hosts our own podcast, The Business of Learning , has gathered some of the best and most popular L&D podcasts here

Before this news, the podcast industry was projected to generate about $250 million worth of ad revenue in 2017, a meager sum compared to projections for radio (about $14 billion) this year One of the flaws of the podcast industry is the simple fact that learning and finding out about great shows is done primarily through word-of-mouth. In a matter of months, Facebook will have the option of playing podcast episodes within the app Hot Pod delivers stories, analysis, and opinions on podcasting and the new audio industry. Weekly Hot Pod issues are free, while two Hot Pod Insiders a week are for paid subscribers only Top 30 Marketing Podcasts 1. This Old Marketing. This Old Marketing is a podcast by Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the most well-known experts in the content marketing space, talk about the latest content marketing trends, and discuss how businesses can use content to attract and retain customers John Masters, Industry Affairs Advisor for Danfoss Drives, joins host John Sheff for episode 16 of the EnVisioneering Exchange podcast. The two Industry Affairs experts have a comprehensive conversation about water infrastructure and the outsized role you may not realize it plays in maintaining our daily lives―what it is, what challenges current infrastructures face, how it can be improved.

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Poddar Industry. 448 likes · 14 talking about this. Agricultur Join host Chad Griffiths as he interviews industry experts on a variety of industrial & commercial real estate topics. from United States The Industrial Real Estate Podcast - Chad Griffiths | Listen Note Looking for Podcast news? From mobile hydraulics, ergonomics, engine technology and vehicle design at Industrial Vehicle Technology International we've got it covered Industry Leader's Journey. We all want to leave the world a better place than we found it. This podcast is about procurement and supply chain leaders who are successful in that pursuit

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Welcome to the Paradox Podcast! Paradox Interactive podcast about the business of video games where try to explain why we do the stuff we do.Today, Shams and.. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:42:23 — 70.5MB) | Embed Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Email | RSS | More Happy New Year and what a year it's been. We begin the year with our 2020 TV recap, our annual look back at all the shows we've covered on TV Podcast Industries 10 Podcasts for Filmmakers, Film Fans and Industry Folk Welcome back to our sloppy wee-podcast!Follow us on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2PTd3n7Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/33ZFiJmEboys Highlights: h.. Healthcare, technology, energy, consumer goods, and more. Every day, Motley Fool analysts break down a specific industry and the stocks making headlines. Questions? Comments? Email us at.

The podcast industry faces a glut of obstacles: fragmentation in listening, a lack of discovery and insufficient measurement, to name a few. It's reassuring that there are significant moves being made to address some of the issues that are hindering even stronger growth within the podcast industry

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Welcome to the Podcast! The Toy Coach Podcast: Making It in The Toy Industry is filled with actionable tips and toy-spirational advice for aspiring toy inventors and entrepreneurs with great ideas.. Each week you'll learn from the best in the industry through mini toy masterclasses and informative interviews Di.se - Sveriges ledande nyhetssajt för de senaste nyheterna, analyserna och fördjupningarna som påverkar marknaden, börsen och näringslivet Podcast Episode #193: Christi Johnson. On today's episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast, we're talking about textiles as a spiritual practice with my guest Christi Johnson.. Christi Johnson's art combines cosmic visions and botanical beauties, a hypnotic dance of symbols stitched slowly and methodically into fabric

And as podcasting becomes big business, there is unease that the diversity of voices in our earbuds — never a strong suit of the industry — could be put at risk too For more information on The Podcast Consumer Tracker from Edison Research, click here. The Leading Podcast Research Company In The World. Edison Research data powers many of the most listened-to podcasts in the world, and our industry studies on consumer behavior, demographics, and monetization of podcasting are used by scores of successful companies in the space

In the Vault with KPMG: A Banking industry podcast series. Tune in to our discussions with KPMG advisors on many of the key issues and challenges facing the Banking industry now and into the future.. The Podcast Academy, an industry association looking to establish the premiere awards program for the fast-growing world of podcasts, announced nominees for the first Ambies awards.. The group. Pushkin Industries is known for its thoughtful, chart-topping podcasts, including Revisionist History hosted by Pushkin co-founder and President Malcolm Gladwell, The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos, Against the Rules with Michael Lewis, The Last Archive with Jill Lepore, Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford, Broken Record, and the recent #1 Apple Podcasts hit Lost Hills

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Are you wanting to learn more about cannabis industry? Well you've come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best cannabis industry podcasts of 2021. We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podc The newly formed Podcast Academy this weekend hands out its first awards, the Ambies, for the best in a booming industry that has room for everyone from Prince Harry and Kim Kardashian to a.

Season 5 12/10/2020. Bonus: Druid Hills. Revisionist History takes a trip to Malcolm's favorite city and gets a tour of Emory University, meets 3000 non-human primates and 8000 rodents, and dusts off an old TV pilot for a dramatic reenactment Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, presents The Senior Care Industry Netcast where leaders with 3 or more years in the Senior Care Industry share their advice. The podcast is fast paced! It's also FREE. We do not charge our guests to be on the show. We want valuable content to share! Our guests answer all 6 questions in just 9.a few minutes Industry 4.0 Ready podcast series Each episode offers you easily digestible insights into key themes and lessons being learned in today's business environment. You'll hear from opinion leaders, business leaders, academics and researchers on key developments and their experiences across the sector

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Listen to the Microsoft industry experiences team podcast, and hear about industry news, investments, updates, and the latest relevant technologies House on Fire: a special series of podcasts that take an in-depth look at a the world's biggest environmental challenges and how we might solve them. The Great Reset : looks at how we can rebuild a cleaner, fairer, smarter world after COVID-19 Podcast: Inside the Industry's Biggest Deal A chat about M&A in convenience retail By Jackson Lewis on Dec. 08, 2020 From mergers and acquisitions to foodservice and technology, the podcast delivers the story straight to listeners in short-format episodes, perfect for the morning commute or a quick break at the office Resonate Recordings provides a simple process for high-quality podcast editing that is used by many of the top podcasts.. They offer a full suite of podcast production services and various plans that will absolutely fit your needs:. First is their Standard Package at $59 per episode that includes mixing and mastering, ID3 tagging, adding intros, outros & sponsors, removing background noise. The podcast genres that attract the most advertising are news, comedy and society and culture. The podcast industry is still significantly smaller than many other forms of entertainment

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